THE PUZZLE Dark Sarah Story Continues

”Everything that happened on the Island was part of something big; a mystery between two worlds. It was a puzzle and it needed to be solved.“

The Evil Tree had shattered into pieces, and along with it, so did Dark Sarah´s soul. She did not die, but was left in a loop between two worlds; hovering between life and death. She was sent down to the River of Death to drift along the streams and ended up on an island in the middle of a mighty ocean.

She woke up on the shores of that misty island. It was a magical island covered with black rocks that sparkled as if covered by millions of diamonds in the endless night. Sharp cliffs and huge statues painted the dark sky. The ocean was wild on its shores.

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Dark Sarah´s- debut album "Behind the Black Veil" tells the story of Sarah, a nice young woman, who faces one of the biggest crises in her life when her husband leaves her at the altar and leaves with another woman straight from church. Sarah thinks she's going to die and after spending some time at home alone, watching the rain outside, she collapses on the floor. After a while there is only silence, only darkness, until she rises, trembling. Scattered mascara has formed the character of Horus around her eye.

With glassy eyes, she writes a letter:

"I used to look at the world with blue eyes, I used to love with an open heart but I was naive, the world needed to show that to me. I got angry for my weakness and angry with the world. In the darkest swirls of my mind I got stronger and meaner and started to change. I worked with my fear and I became DARK SARAH. I'm not bitter; I'm just bittersweet. "

and she signs the letter

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11 Nov 2017
PadasjokiFinland Uusi Laakeri with JP Leppäluoto
18 Jan 2018
TurkuFinland Logomo Opening Sonata Arctica
19 Jan 2018
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20 Jan 2018
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21 Jan 2018
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28 Jan 2018
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Past Dates

4 Nov 2017
AppeldoornNetherlands Podium Gigant feat. JP Leppäluoto Brainstorm Festival 2017
3 Nov 2017
HaarlemNetherlands Patronaat feat. JP Leppäluoto Sleeping Romance (IT)
28 Oct 2017
LammiFinland Ravintola Hovi feat. JP Leppäluoto
2 Sep 2017
NakkilaFinland Cafe Bar Höpö feat. JP Leppäluoto
26 Aug 2017
HelsinkiFinland On the Rocks feat. JP Leppäluoto
3 June 2017
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2 June 2017
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26 May 2017
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25 Apr 2017
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24 Feb 2017
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15 Feb 2017
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11 Feb 2017
HelsinkiFinland Virgin Oil Album Release Gig! Arion, Manzana
11 May 2015
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17 Oct 2014
OktoberhallenBelgium MFVF XII Festival
04 Oct 2014
HelsinkiFinland On The Rocks I Saw Red, Armoral



The Puzzle 2016

  1. Breath
  2. Island In The Mist
  3. Little Men
  4. Ash Grove
  5. For The Birds
  6. Deep and Deeper
  7. Dance With The Dragon [feat. JP Leppäluoto]
  8. Cliffhanger
  9. Aquarium [feat. Charlotte Wessels]
  10. Rain [feat. Manuela Kraller]

The Puzzle is secound album and was released november 18, 2016.

This album was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go.

Album is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music

Behind The Black Veil 2015

  1. Save Me
  2. Poison Apple
  3. Hide And SeeK
  4. Memories Fall ( feat. Manuela Kraller )
  5. Evil Roots ( feat. Inga Scharf )
  6. Violent Roses
  7. Hunting The Dreamer
  8. Fortress
  9. Silver Tree
  10. Sun, Moon And Stars
  11. Light In You ( feat. Tony Kakko )
  12. Sarah's Theme
  13. A Grim Christmas Story
  14. Memories Fall Orchestral Version

Behind The Black Veil is Dark Sarah's debyt album and was released may 15, 2015.

This album was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go.

Album is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music

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Violent Roses EP 2014

  1. Save Me
  2. Poison Apple
  3. Hide And SeeK
  4. Memories Fall ( feat. Manuela Kraller )
  5. Evil Roots ( feat. Inga Scharf )
  6. Violent Roses
  7. Hunting The Dreamer
  8. Fortress

Violent Roses EP special edition was released for sale only in MFVF 2014

This EP was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go.

EP is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music

Dark Sarah - The Puzzle Dark Sarah
The Puzzle
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The Puzzle
Dark Sarah - The Puzzle Dark Sarah
Behind The Black Veil
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Behind The Black Veil
Dark Sarah - The Puzzle Dark Sarah
Violent Roses EP
(Episodes I & II)
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Violent Roses EP




Behind The Black VeilCLOSE

Because of the trauma she has faced, another side of her personality wakes up inside her mind. She changes into Dark Sarah, the complete opposite of everything she represented before. She declares a war against her former husband and swears revenge. Furthermore she looms in between her two personalities.


"Save me" is the intro song and tells the story of how a confused Sarah, still wearing her wedding dress, wanders in the woods and at the end meets her husband tied up in a dark forest - in reality or in a dream? "Poison Apple" is a premonition of the future, dream-like illusion, where she plans her revenge. "Hide and Seek" is Sarah's saddest song, in which she says that she cannot be found, because she is no longer here - Dark Sarah has taken her. In the end, still in grief, she meets her fate (Manuela Kraller ex Xandria), who tells her that only after entering into the darkness, she can be born again, and for the first time Dark Sarah appears as real in the "Memories Fall"-duet.


Sarah offers herself to the darkness. At the beginning, Sarah meets the Queen of snakes, the dark tree - the Queen of No Good " (Inga Scharf - Van Canto), in a duet called "Evil Roots”. The Queen lures Sarah to go deeper into the darkness. After this, Sarah´s last sane moment is in the beginning of the song "Violent Roses". She enters into her symbolic garden, where she gardens her roses. She realizes something terrible! Someone has destroyed her roses! Evil flowers are singing in the background. Sarah thinks it is her husband who has destroyed her beloved rose garden- that little snake! (but actually it had been the evil flowers’ plan). Now Dark Sarah wakes up, murderous and fierce and replaces her roses with poisonous plants, which will help her with her vengeance. She comes up with an evil plan, she will make an apple pie of poison apples to her husband! This is Dark Sarah´s prime time! In her recital "Hunting the dreamer " she tells how she is going to destroy all of her man's dreams as he had destroyed Sarah's dreams.

EPISODE II ends in a scene where Sarah comes to her senses again and is shocked by the traces of blood on the floor. She is terrified; what has she done?! She requires Dark Sarah to let her go free, because she can´t recognize herself in the mirror any more. This is the song called "Fortress".


After realizing what horrible event she had encountered, Sarah is fully awake from the nightmare. In the song called "The Silver Tree", things start to clear up in her mind, she remembers the tree that she used to go to with her beloved - they even carved their names and hearts on its bark. She used to love that silver tree, the most beautiful tree in the forest, she used to play hide and seek there as a child. Then she gets it! Everything is connected to that tree- the tree is evil! She decides to put an end to all the madness and runs into the wintery forest and hides herself from Dark Sarah. Sarah finds the silver tree in the woods and stabs a dagger in the middle of the carved heart. Sarah hears a terrible scream from the tree and the heart starts to bleed on the white snow. The tree shivers and it´s silvery bark cracks and falls down like pieces of a mirror.

In the song called "Sun, Moon and Stars" Sarah starts running, she runs and runs into the heart of the forest. Then she stops - she feels numb, even the moonlight has turned his light away from her, it is her destiny to carry the burden alone. She wants to be forgotten, left alone with her confused mind. What is real and what is not? She remembers the beautiful things she used to love when she watches the night sky.

The last song on the album is a duet called "Light in You". Suddenly Sarah sees a light, she falls down in awe of the silvery light in the sky. The moon has come (Tony Kakko- Sonata Arctica)! He tells Sarah that he has come to guide her to a new path in her life and he still sees the light in her. In the white wilderness they fall in love. However there is a shadow upon them - the moon fades away when the day comes. They can only wait for the sunrise.