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15 Jun 2018
IlmajokiFinland Ilmajoen Musiikkijuhlat Dark Friday with Dark Element

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28 Jan 2018
JyväskyläFinland Lutakko Opening Sonata Arctica
27 Jan 2018
JoensuuFinland Kerubi Opening Sonata Arctica
26 Jan 2018
KuopioFinland Rauhalahti Opening Sonata Arctica
25 Jan 2018
SeinäjokiFinland Rytmikorjaamo Opening Sonata Arctica
24 Jan 2018
HelsinkiFinland The Circus Opening Sonata Arctica
21 Jan 2018
TampereFinland Pakkahuone Opening Sonata Arctica
20 Jan 2018
NivalaFinland Tuiskula Opening Sonata Arctica
19 Jan 2018
OuluFinland Areena Opening Sonata Arctica
18 Jan 2018
TurkuFinland Logomo Opening Sonata Arctica
11 Nov 2017
PadasjokiFinland Uusi Laakeri with JP Leppäluoto
04 Nov 2017
AppeldoornNetherlands Podium Gigant with JP Leppäluoto Brainstorm Festival 2017
03 Nov 2017
HaarlemNetherlands Patronaat with JP Leppäluoto Sleeping Romance (IT)
28 Oct 2017
LammiFinland Ravintola Hovi with JP Leppäluoto
02 Sep 2017
NakkilaFinland Cafe Bar Höpö with JP Leppäluoto
26 Aug 2017
HelsinkiFinland On the Rocks with JP Leppäluoto
03 June 2017
IisalmiFinland Bar & Cafe Graceville Manzana
02 June 2017
KajaaniFinland Rock House Kulma Manzana
26 May 2017
SeinäjokiFinland Bar 15 Manzana
24 Feb 2017
TampereFinland Jack The Rooster Saari Helvetti -klubi Manzana
15 Feb 2017
HämeenlinnaFinland Suisto Live Music Club Manzana
11 Feb 2017
HelsinkiFinland Virgin Oil Album Release Gig! Arion, Manzana
11 May 2015
HelsinkiFinland On The Rocks Album Release Gig!
17 Oct 2014
OktoberhallenBelgium MFVF XII Festival
04 Oct 2014
HelsinkiFinland On The Rocks I Saw Red, Armoral


The Golden Moth2018

THE GOLDEN MOTHNew album out 2018

On "the Golden Moth" album Dark Sarah has to face the final test and find her way to the gods in the Upper World. After she had solved the puzzle in The Underworld and found the three keys, the Iron birds came there for her and took her to the Upper World, a deserted waste land where the gods rule. But also a trespasser, The Dragon, came with her. In the heat of the desert they meet again and there is something The Dragon wants from her... JP Leppäluoto (Charon) has joined the official lineup as The Dragon for the becoming album.

"The Golden Moth" is the last part of the first trilogy (The Chronicles). The trilogy tells about Dark Sarah´s travel through three worlds: The Middle World ("Behind The Black Veil" album), The Underworld ("The Puzzle" album) and The Upper World ("The Golden Moth" album).

Guest list: White Beard – Marco Hietala (Nigthwish), Iron Mask – Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus In Musica), Fortune Teller – Netta Skog (Ensiferum)

The Puzzle2016


  • 01. Breath
  • 02. Island In The Mist
  • 03. Little Men ondemand_video
  • 04. Ash Grove
  • 05. For The Birds
  • 06. Deep and Deeper
  • 07. Dance With The Dragon (feat. JP Leppäluoto) ondemand_video
  • 08. Cliffhanger
  • 09. Aquarium (feat. Charlotte Wessels)ondemand_video
  • 10. Rain (feat. Manuela Kraller)

The Puzzle is secound album and was released november 18, 2016. Released through Inner Wound Recordings and was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go. Album is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music

Behind The Black Veil2014


  • 01. Save Me ondemand_video
  • 02. Poison Apple
  • 03. Hide And Seek
  • 04. Memories Fall ( feat. Manuela Kraller )ondemand_video
  • 05. Evil Roots ( feat. Inga Scharf )ondemand_video
  • 06. Violent Roses
  • 07. Hunting The Dreamerondemand_video
  • 08. Fortress
  • 09. Silver Tree
  • 10. Sun, Moon And Stars
  • 11. Light In You( feat. Tony Kakko )ondemand_video
  • 12. Sarah's Theme
  • 13. A Grim Christmas Story
  • 14. Memories Fall Orchestral Version

Behind The Black Veil is Dark Sarah's debyt album and was released may 15, 2015. Released through Inner Wound Recordings and was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go. Album is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music

Violent Roses EP2014


Violent Roses EP special edition was released for sale only in MFVF 2014. This EP was crowdfunded through Indie Go Go. EP is produced by Mikko P Mustonen - Pathos Music